Stockholm and The Natural Step…a natural match.

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We arrived in Stockholm after a wonderful ferry ride from Helsinki.  Weaving through Sweden’s archipalego was a beautiful site early in the morning revealing their appreciation and connection to nature.

Our city tour guide gave the group an introduction to Sweden’s rich history and city sites upon our arrival.  A presentation at our hotel by the Scandic sustainability officer provided information to the group about their companies efforts and process in limiting their impact within a consumer business.  Inger and Kristen from Scandic discussed their efforts in educating their staff and hotel occupants about The Natural Step.

Later in the afternoon, Pars Larshans from MAX Burger presented to the group.  MAX Burger uses The Natural Step framework within their organization….a challenge for another consmer based business.  Yet, MAX Burger has managed to make customers aware of their impact on the enviornment, yet enjoy a delicious meal at the same time.

Both presentations were informative.  The common element in both organizations is making the consumer aware of their impact on the enviornment.  This awareness broadens the net of each company’s efforts which in turn has a ripple effect.  If each of use just contribute a little bit, we all help lessen our impact on this beautiful planet.

Next stop, Copenhagen.

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