Copenhagen….a bike culture

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We headed to Copehagen by train winding through the beautiful Swedish countryside that allowed us time for some relaxation.  We arrived in Copenhagen on a rainy afternoon.  After searching the train station for our transfer, we arrived at Hotel Christian IV….a wonderful family run hotel in the center of Copehagen.  The staff was welcoming and the hotel was full of charm typical of a small European hotel….a pleasant surprise for all of us.

The group ventured out to explore our surroundings before dinner and it became evident that Copenhagen is a bike culture that puts Portland to shame.  There is more bike traffic on the strees than cars and they are vicious….don’t get in their way.  The Danish people are friendly and very helpful and Copenhagen is a beautiful city on the water.

We had a wonderful prestation by the Green Team at Copenhagen University that addressed their efforts in achieving their 2025 goal of having 50% alternative energy, biomass and wind.  The Green Team is responsible for campaigns in getting the buy in from administration and students in thier efforts towards achieving their goals.  It was a very informative and eye opening session for our group.  The presentation created awarenss in all members of group as to what we can achieve with our individual efforts.

For an eco-friendly city, Copenhagen does not recycle….a question we are all asking ourselves.  We did find out that they do recycle using a different process than we do in the state.

We enjoyed our time in this beautiful city and are heading to Berlin.

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