Travels and technology


Accessing technology is a very simple function in our daily lives. However, when traveling to other countries, it can be a challenge. Sometimes it even seems that gaining access to the internet can be as challenging as the Laocoon trying to escape the grasp of the serpent. Patience, and the mind set of accepting the disconnect from the high-speed world of the internet, is important when traveling abroad and can be calming. Yet, as soon as a connection is established, we flock to the world of information technology like animals feeding on their only meal of the day.

While posting images and activities on a travel blog keeps family members updated on the progress of a trip, we are at the mercy of the internet connection provided by hotels on our travels. With this said, this blog has be quiet for most of our group travels because of our limitations on internet connection. Therefore, our group’s progress will be posted after the fact but with a sense of reality as if it happened that day. Stay tuned!!

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